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Have you lost or forgotten a password? Do you need help recovering a password?  Here you will find links to Commercial Password Recovery resources. We have also included links to a wide range of associated resources.  These include:  links to Password Cracking sites, Password Management software, Security Consultants who specialize in Penetration Testing, Data Recovery and Media Recovery companies, Computer Forensics specialists, Computer Forensic Software, Encryption Software, Hacker and Cracker sites, Data Backup services and software and Security Publications. If you would like to add your URL, advertise here, view recommended books or contact us, please click on the Other links.






Information Technology Search Engine


Security Search Authority - Information Technology Search Engine providing superior results for information technology related searches.




Commercial Password Recovery


Elcomsoft - Password cracking software for over 23 applications.


Passware, Inc. - Password recovery software for over 25 applications.


Password Crackers, Inc. - Password recovery services and software for over 40 applications.




Password Cracking


Astalavista - The search engine for security related websites.


D.O.E. SysWorks - Password Cracking, Crypto and Snake Oil Information.


John the Ripper Homepage - John the Ripper is a password cracking utility, currently available for UNIX, DOS, Win32. Its primary purpose is to detect weak UNIX passwords.


Iopus - IOPUS offers a fine selection of easy to use security and internet related software for stealth PC monitoring, access control, parental control, invisible email autosender (office automation) and more.


NirSoft Freeware Utilities - Freeware Utilities


Packetstorm - Security news and information for professionals including extensive password cracking and files archive.


Rootshell - Security related news and exploits.


Russian Password Crackers - Password cracking software and information.


The Argon - Privacy, Protection and Security on the Net.




Password Management


Counterpane Passsafe - Brings the security of Blowfish to a password database.


iJen Software - Security programs that keep children and co-workers out of your computer.


Max Lock - Internet tools to store your passwords and automatically enter them when you are browsing the web.


Password Survival Kit - Manage your collection of passwords and other confidential information.


Proginet UK - Enterprise password management software.


weakPasswords - Weak Password Security Auditing Utility




Security Consultants/Penetration Testing


@Stake - Provides strategic, independent security consulting services that enable e-commerce for the Global 2000. Through information security expertise, systems integration skill, and business process understanding they deliver comprehensive security solutions that create competitive advantage.


Advanced Computing Technologies - offers a wide range of services, including: development of secure solutions, implementation, and security assessments.


Arca Systems, Inc. - Arca advances the state-of-the-art information systems security technology through research and analysis. They provide their clients with the methods, tools, techniques, and knowledge to securely process and communicate information.


Century Com - CenturyCom systematically approachs security issues and eliminates them. We provide affordable solutions to meet business needs.


Corsaire Limited - UK-based network security solutions.


Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. - Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of managed security monitoring services that enable e-business to be conducted safely.


E-Security - Offers security management software, informationsecurity management, internet security product, and firewall software.


Information Security Consultants - Cyprus-based information security services.


M-Tech - Computer network security products and services company.


MIS Corporate Defence Solutions - Global solution providers in computer security and data protection.


Network Presence, LLC - offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services, specializing in custom security projects tailored to the individual needs of each customer.


Password Crackers, Inc. - Customized penetration testing and security consulting.


Peapod - an e-initiative company, is one of Europe's leading e-software
and e-services providers, equipping Internet and enterprise networks and e-business
environments with complete management security solutions.


Sec-Tec Network Security - Sec-Tec offers a range of industry-standard network security services, including penetration testing and internet security training.


Senet International Corporation - SeNet International was founded to deliver a full range of Internet Security and Virtual Private Network assessment services to corporations.  Our goal is to enable companies to become, and remain, secure using as much of their internal resources and existing infrastructure as possible.


Spectria - Information Security, Secure eBusiness, Security Training & Awareness, Penetration Testing & Risk Assessment.


Strategic Security Computing - SSC, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated security and investigative services.


Sword and Shield Enterprise Security - a security consulting firm specializing in information protection through the application of computer and network security technology.


Tiger Team - Tiger Team are a group of security consulting experts whose specialty is penetration testing.


Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC - Network Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection, Firewall and Anti-Virus Set-up & Configuration, Facility Security Audits, and more.




Free Data Recovery Quote



Data or Media Recovery


1st Computer Traders - Class 100 clean rooms, which enables the rebuilding of disks and their bespoke software enables the piecing of information.


1stDataRecovery.com - Your affordable data recovery service.


888Recovery.com - 888recovery.com specialize in Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Optical Media, Zip Disks, RAID, and Network Attached Storage systems to name a few.


Accessfix.com - AccessFIX is a Microsoft Access recovery software utility designed to restore corrupt or damaged files back into a new trouble free file. This utility recovers Access data bases created using Ms Access 97, 2000 and XP. Free demo available.


ActionFront - Knowledge of drive technologies, controller interfaces, computer hardware, data structures, file formats and unpublished network/operating system characteristics.


Adaptive Research & Design - Data recovery From:  Crashes, Viruses, Electrical Surges, Sabotage and Accidental Murphy Failures.


Advanced Data Solutions - Data recovery from: Network Servers, Windows NT, NTFS, UDF, Novell, Unix, Raid 0-5, Windows 3.1x / 95 / 98, Removable Media, ZIP, Jaz, SyQuest, Bernoulli, Cd-r/w, Optical Floppy, ORB, Laptops etc. Damaged Hard Drives (Crashed, Fire, Water, Dropped) Viruses, Sabotage, Lost Passwords, Database Recovery, Forensic Data Exam, Deleted, Erased, Missing-Files, and Directories.


BitMart Data Recovery Software - Data recovery software & file undelete tool for FAT and NTFS file systems.


DataLeach - File and data recovery and conversion service.


DataRecoveryBC.COM - Data, media recovery and computer forensics located in Canada/U.S.


Data Recovery by CBL - Recovers data from tape backups, hard drives, optical media, removable media and anything in between, getting data when all others have failed.


Data Recovery Group - One of the first companies to offer data recovery services for all popular operating systems, including DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Novell.


Data Recovery India - Specializing in recovering data using proprietary hardware and software tools.  India’s #1 data recovery service based in New Delhi.


Data Recovery Specialists - Data recovery specialists, drive recovery, disk recovery and lost data. Drive Service Company is the leading provider of data recovery and services. We resolve disk problems, major hard drive crashes, drive failures and disk failures. Since 1986.


Datalife - Data Recovery, no fixed fee, United Kingdom.


Disaster Recovery Group - Specializes in recovering lost data from all drive manufacturers and virtually all platforms.


Disklabs - Complete data recovery solutions.


Drive Savers Data Recovery - Specializing in recovering lost data for individuals, corporations, educational institutions and government agencies for more than a decade. Recovery methods include the use of proprietary software to extract lost or corrupt files, and a certified class 100 cleanroom to recover data from physically damaged drives and other media.


DTI Data - Providing physical hard drive recovery and software based data recovery.


Eco-Data Recovery - Home of flat-rate pricing for recovering your lost data.


eMag Solutions - eMag Solutions specializes in delivering the client the most effective data storage solutions developed from our core competencies of data conversion, data recovery and data migration.


Excalibur Data Recovery - Recovers lost data on hard drives, 4mm tape, laptop and notebook hard drives, SyQuest cartridges, Zip disk, Jaz Disk, opticals and floppy diskettes.


ExcelRescue - This automatic service repairs damaged or corrupt Excel files in every version including 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003.


Excelfix.com - Excel file recovery Software that restores damaged or corrupt files that cannot be opened. ExcelFIX works with all versions of Excel including 95, 97, 2000, XP,  and 2003.


HDDRecovery - Data and media recovery organization based in Australia.


Independent Technology Service - Data recovery services using exclusive proprietary software.


IntelliRecovery - Global data recovery company specializing in hard disk and hard drive recovery in any operating system.


Internet Desk, Inc. - If you have a data loss due to a failed hard drive, they may be able to recover that precious information for you.


MDS Disk Service - Data recovery for crashed hard disk drives and other magnetic media.


MjM Data Recovery, Ltd. - A completely free data recovery diagnosis and a nor recovery - no fee policy.


Office Recovery - The web source for data recovery software for corrupted Microsoft Office files.


On-Track - Recovery Services and Utility Software.


Phoenix Technology - Hard drive data recovery and software duplication.


R-Tools Technology Data Recovery Tools - R-Tools Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of powerful data recovery, undelete, drive image, backup and PC privacy utilities for the Windows OS family.


Renew Data - Data Recovery, Computer Forensics and Media Conversions


Reynolds Data Recovery - Whatever the hard drive, operating system or application, there's a 90% chance they have the tools to recover the data.


Stellar Information Systems Ltd. - provides expert Data Recovery Services on IDE, EIDE, SCSI, MFM, RLL & ESDI hard disk drives Hard Drive Data Recovery services from all Operating Systems including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, UNIX, LINUX, Windows'95, Windows'98, Windows ME, MS-DOS, DR-DOS, Mac, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Novell NetWare.




Computer Forensics


Our Computer Forensic Software Page is Here


Assist.com - Computer Forensics & Data Discovery - Assistance with computer forensics and data recovery for legal professionals, law enforcement and corporations.


Center for Computer Forensics - Providing litigation support and evidence gathering services since 1987.


DIBS USA - Renowned for the quality, reliability and evidential integrity of the equipment and services provided, DIBS USA is engaged to investigate some of the most sensitive and complex cases.


LC Technology - Data recovery, forensic investigations and training.


Lee & Allen - Provides the complete range of computer investigative services to assist with any legal, financial, or investigative process.


Network International - Recognized as experts and known for their innovative methods of analyzing and interpreting data. They provide independent and confidential advice to a wide variety of clients.


Mares and Company, LLC - Investigative and Forensic software for investigators and auditors.


New Technologies, Inc. - The computer forensics pioneers that developed the original computer evidence training courses for the United States Treasury Department. A majority of the computer forensic software tools used in security risk assessments and E-commerce investigations have been developed by them.


Strategic Solutions, Inc. - Complete, competent forensic computer and data examinations.


Technology Pathways - Technology Pathways computer forensics teams use their own as well as other "best-of-breed", court proven tools to acquire and report on computer evidence.  Technology Pathways forensics response teams can augment existing corporate incident response teams, train existing teams, or serve as your primary action team.


TeCrime International, Inc. - Specializing in all aspects of computer and Internet crimes, white collar fraud and computer forensics.


Westpark Investigations - A full service private investigation firm specializing in computer investigative services and forensic computer examinations.






Cypherix Encryption Software - Strong encryption products.


Cypherus - Cutting edge encryption suite.


Deltacrypt File Encryption Software - Public Key Encryption Software


Drivecrypt - Disk encryption system.


Encryption Software - Encryption software for ICQ and Instant Messages.


Meganet - VME Encryption.




Hackers and Crackers


25th Hour - Hacking and Phreaking Filez.


Be A Hacker - Hack email passwords, hack into computers, hack service passwords. This includes AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, and other email and service accounts. We also have the Hackers Encyclopedia, this has info on how to hack phones, and phone company's.


Blackcode - Hosting, Forums and Files


Cult of the Dead Cow - News and Crackz from the hackers who brought you Back Orifice. Home page for members of the cDc.


Digital Outlaws - Digital Outlaws Homepage.


Electronic Outlawz Association - Home page for members of the EOA.


Ghetto Hackers - Home page for members of the Ghetto Hackers.


Hack3r - Wargames, Chat and Information


HFX International - Technology resources.


Interhack - The Interhack posse is a small group of computer science and technology researchers. Currently, they're exploring such areas as system and network security, privacy, and distributed applications.  In addition to these efforts, they provide a variety of other security and internet-oriented services to organizations of all sizes.


The Hacking Core - The Hacking Core.


Twisted Internet Services - Home page for TiS.




Data Backup


@Backup - Online data backup service.


BackupUSA.com - Online, offsite, automated backup solutiuon.


Connected - Connected delivers Internet-based, real-time PC system repair and data recovery solutions for remote, desktop, and laptop computers in enterprises of all sizes.


Dr. Backup - Safeguard your valuable dcouments with an automatic nightly backup to the Internet. Free trial available.




Security Publications


2600 - The Hacker Quarterly.


Computer Security News Daily - Provides daily selections of news and other information pertaining to computer/network security.


Disaster Recovery Journal - Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Quarterly.


Info Security Magazine - SC Magazine is the largest circulation information security magazine.


Information Security - Magazine, newsletter and daily from ICSA.


International Journal of Forensic Computing - Addresses all aspects of computer evidence and computer investigations.


Journal of Computer Security - Presents research and development results of lasting significance in the theory, design, implementation, analysis, and application of secure computer systems and networks.


Phrack Magazine - Hacking ezine.


VPNLabs - Get trusted, unbiased advice. Discover the right VPN for you or your organization. Learn how to build it or find a place to buy it. VPNlabs is an open community for researching, reviewing, and discussing Virtual Private Networks.








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