Cracking Contests




Do you think you might want to try cracking passwords yourself?  Here are some cracking contests that you can attempt.




 - Hacking challenges, puzzles and resources.






The Edgar Allan Poe Cryptographic Challenge

The Edgar Allan Poe Cryptographic Challenge (SOLVED)




The “Ace of Hackers” - Hack this server!




The PGP Cracking Contest - Just for fun!






The RSA Laboratories Secret-Key Challenge






Mod-X - Just for fun!








If you think that daring a hacker is a fun thing to do (or if you want to get a whole bunch of people all working on cracking your passwod protected file or system) you may wish to sponsor your own cracking challenge or contest.  If so, we’d like to know about it so that we can add it to our site.  We’ll even host it for you here and make your file(s) available for download.  Please let us know about any other cracking contests by emailing us at




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